The Team

Syahrul Nizam (Founder/Web Developer)



He likes to bring travelling into another level and aids others to do so. He started writing because he feels that there’s a need to share about his interesting travel experiences. He studies IT for over 5 years and aims to be a web designer and developer.He’s a solo traveller, couchsurfer and hitchhiker who mostly travels in the Asian regions. To top it off, his personal mission is to discover the secret hidden gems abroad.

Ammar Ameezy (Co-founder/Multimedia)ammar(aboutus)



A wizard on the lens who also spends most of the time in front of the computer sparking magic for the audience.The lad loves going outdoors, especially on exciting expeditions where flesh meets nature. Driven by adrenaline, he seeks to pushes boundaries and break limits; believing in the value of experiences rather than a piece of paper.Engaging mother nature is a form of luxury and he aims to spread the idea of backpacking to the masses for them to realise that life is way more than just living.

Irwan Shah (Co-founder/Marketing & Content Editor)



There are three things in life that he loves the most, music, travelling and writing. Yes, he does have a band and he plays the guitar but he’s not a rock star yet.His free spirit and curiosity evokes his addiction to travel, the only drug he lives for. He also happens to be an aspiring polyglot. Currently he leads two lives. By day, he’s a kick-ass freelance writer and by night, he’s a part-time student pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications with Marketing at the Singapore University of Social Sciences.

Sakeena Tan (Co-founder/Business Strategy & Operations)



The rather petite steering software behind the Three Musketeers; prefers to be lurking in the shadows in strategic calculations and mapping organisational processes for optimal efficiency and effectiveness. Believes that a larger system is always key in keeping things streamlined and focused but lives in extremes of bouncing between completely disappearing on a trip and being immersed in the never-ending hustle of work. Scientist in Biotechnology & Clinical Nutrition and in the startups ecosystem of tech conference organisation. Dislikes cities and urban landscapes, usually found retreating into literal caves, waterfalls, volcanoes… nature. Prefers backpacking across the EU and UK independently on adrenaline rushes. Loves cats.

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