Managing culture shock | 5 ways

Flying over to a foreign land? Especially when the living condition is unlike your hometown or worst? It is normal to feel uncomfortable and this can be managed overtime. Here are some ways to ease the process of this common travel sydrome, “Culture Shock” . Read More

A MONTH IN THAI/LAO (how much it costs me?)

A question that most would asked after a long trip and some would wonder how much is spent on such long trip. Most will be expecting a huge sum of money spend and would be astonished if the amount spent is not much. Here are the summary and the breakdown of the expenses throughout my first ever long term travel. Read More

The bad side of travelling | 5 things

Travelling is the best thing to do. It switches off your brain. It also decreases brain activity which is responsible for psychological illness. However, there are also side effects when your travel too much. When you decides to overdo it, there are some negative effects that might hit you back. Read More