A MONTH IN THAI/LAO (how much it costs me?)

A question that most would asked after a long trip and some would wonder how much is spent on such long trip. Most will be expecting a huge sum of money spend and would be astonished if the amount spent is not much. Here are the summary and the breakdown of the expenses throughout my first ever long term travel. Read More

9 places to be in Pai

This cool corner of the northern mountains started out as a hippie enclave for Chiang Mai Bohos who come to hang out beside the rambling river and strum out blues tunes at night. Word spread and the dusty little town now does a thriving trade in mountain scenery and a laid-back living. One of the places you shouldn’t miss in the Northern Thai due to its amazing landscape all around. Read More

10 things in Chiang Mai

Mountain lover? Chiang Mai is the perfect destination for you! Discover the mountains in the northern Thailand. Capture the amazing landscape and bring home sweet memories during your times in here. Experience the climate-changing madness in Southeast Asia like never before. Read More