5 days itinerary in Laos

Laos is the backpackers paradise and home of waterfalls in Southeast Asia. Having a short period of time to do some backpacking? Everything is possible now. Discover the hidden gems from the capital of Laos up to the Northern like Vang Vieng and Luang Prabang.

10 things in Chiang Mai

Mountain lover? Chiang Mai is the perfect destination for you! Discover the mountains in the northern Thailand. Capture the amazing landscape and bring home sweet memories during your times in here. Experience the climate-changing madness in Southeast Asia like never before.

The Borneo diary

Remember the Sabah quake on 5 June 2015? The most heartbreaking thing for me as it stops me to attempt on ascending Mount Kinabalu. Based on a diary that I wrote during my time there, about the adventures, ups and downs throughout the trip.