Arts of Travelling on a Shoestring Budget

Plenty of walking

Depending on a person, the best way to keep your budget low is to walk. If the distance towards the attraction is reasonable, it is often suggested to walk. It may be tiring for some, but it would save you some money to last your trip. Prioritize what your needs rather than one. The brighter side of walking is that you could see more of the environment and the living condition of a particular country. However, some travellers might be too lazy to find the routes. Therefore, planning your route beforehand, asking around (especially asking the front desk) or even a map on your phone would be a great help. If you are willing to walk, your definitely need to prepare the route. You might get lost along your walking journey, do not panic, approach some locals and surely they might be the best help in tight situations.



Traveller having multiple destinations to cover in a country usually takes a week or more to do so. Definitely, to reach another city faster, you need to spend more money on domestic flights. If you have the time. It is recommended to travel by land. Depending on a country, the most cost-saving to get to another city are train rides, minivans, sleeper bus. These rides are recommended for 2hrs – maximum 2 days journey. Like mentioned earlier, these long rides could enable you to see other cities as well which means you are covering more ground.



Sometimes when you are spending money, you might not be aware that you are paying the “foreigner price”. Practising bargaining would be good as it as you could minimise the situation of being “ripped off”. Bargain as low as possible cause sometimes, the opening price is ridiculous.If both parties could not settle into an agreement, it’s best you just walk off. It might trigger the seller to give you a final price, something you can consider. Else, there are always other places to spend your money efficiently.


Travelling on a shoestring budget doesn’t mean things are going to be easy. You will encounter inconveniency most of your time during your travels. Depending on a person, some willing to pay off to get out of it. Some would learn how to adapt to these situations. This inconvenience can be like; cheap accommodation located quite a distance to the city, No convenience store to get your stuff, no access to public transportation etc.

Lost of comfort

Lastly, this is the one almost everyone went through when travelling on a shoestring budget. Cheap accommodation might not be comfortable. The bathroom is shared and especially sleeping dorms, some might feel that they lost their privacy. But after all for some, it isn’t an issue and thinks that its okay. For these people, the purpose of the accommodation is to just sleep, there is no need to utilise the facilities. For food, eating at the locals coffee shop, street food might be a discomfort. They fear the unknown. However, finding proper one like cafes or in shopping centres can be inconvenient in some country. Best is to adapt and enjoy their local cuisine. Afterall you are travelling, so just get the most out of your travels.


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