A Daily Budget in Southeast Asia

A rough guide to the daily budget to countries in Southeast Asia like Indonesia, Philippines, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam. In a context of backpacking, here are a list of the lowest budget that is sufficient for a day based on prior experience.

Bali (Indonesia)

Room in guesthouse or homestay less than S$60
Cheap food and drinks, meals less than S$6
Beaches FREE


Phnom Penh (Cambodia)

Dorm or cheap guesthouse room S$10-S$20
Cafe & Street Eats S$1-S$6
Short remork motor (tuk-tuk) trip S$2-$S4



Basic Guesthouse room S$16-S$40
Market/Street stall meal S$2-S$5
one Beer S$4
Public Transport around town S$1-S$2


Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)

Glass of bia hoi (beer) 60cents
Budget hotel room S$13-S$34
Local meal of noodles S$2-S$4


Jakarta (Indonesia)

Basic room less than S$40
Cheap street meal less thanS$3
Transjakarta bus ticket less than S$1



Dorm Bed S$10-S$30
Hawker Centre/ Food Court meals less than S$5
Public Transportation less than S$3



Cheap guesthouse room S$4-S$13
Local meal and Streets easts S$1-S$2
Local buses S$2-S$4 per 100km



Dorm bed or single room S$10-S$20
Local lunch, dinner and beer S$10
Tricycle ride 20 cents


Agree or disagree with the list? You decide. This is the lowest budget line that I’ve followed during my travels. Impossible budget line? or you could do even lower? Comment below.

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