The Search of Breathtaking Views

Hunting for amazing landscapes, she is that person that will be searching high and low to enjoy every moments of peace and tranquility. Sounded just like her? Get to know her adventures on the search of breathtaking views!

Tell Me About Yourself

My motive in life is to work and travel . I love nature and anything to do with breathtaking views.

Do you remember the moment when you realize you wanted to travel?

I remembered the moment I wanted to conquer every other mountains . My first was Gunung Ledang in 2014 . Then to Bromo , Ijen , Mount batur . maybe my next will either be Mount Rinjani or Mount Datuk.

Which was your favorite country? Why?

I don’t get too attached to a certain place . Maybe bali would be one of it . Bali is where I started to love travelling because of the chill vibes it gives and the culture that possess.



Are there any experiences from your travels that you treasure more than others?

I treasure every trip I went . Even with my friends or family . It have its individual memories . This one trip that I can’t forget was when I had a bike accident at phuket . Its left me with scars , but I didn’t regret it . Infact I’m thankful it wasn’t serious .



What country do you recommend for first time traveler?

I would say indonesia . One thing its easy to go around and their people are friendly .

Have you ever hated a place or country that you have visited? Why?

Hated ? Not really . Maybe vietnam . I mean I’m not hating it because I yet to go around when I was there . The experience of being conned by their local , make an impact to me and my friend .  thankfully our hotel’s manager was there to save us . Our gratitude to her .




Name a moment that you are facing difficulties during your travels?

The places I used to visit , where there’s hardly anyone who understands english .

Country recommended for first timer ?

  • Indonesia ( Bali , Yogjakarta , Bandung )
  • Vietnam ( Muine , Dalat , Ho chi minh ,  Nha Trang )
  • Cambodia ( Siem Reap , Phnom penh )
  • Thailand ( Krabi , Phuket , Bangkok )

What are the life lessons that you are able to pick up during your travels ?

Life lessons ? Don’t take anything for granted and treat people the same as you want to be treated . Even they may look less fortunate they have the right for people to respect them . And be independent .

What are some of your budgeting tips to share during your travels?

Planned an itinerary and calculate the prices  . Then put aside the money for the different expenses . So you won’t go out of your budget .

What are your strength and weaknesses that you discovered during your travelling?

My weaknesses will be approaching locals , I’m not the kind of person who just approach anyone . And I can’t bargain on things on my own .  Strength , I would say I don’t mind getting lost because eventually I will find my way back . At the same time enjoying the breeze .

What do you discovered about yourself?

I discover myself accepting the things that doesn’t go my ways and just live in the moment .

What’s your greatest accomplishment during your travels so far?

My greatest accomplishment would be conquering mountains . Sacrificed my weekend and sleep just to hike up the mountain to see the sunrise . And the breathtaking view from above . Makes me so satisfied . Like yes another mountain conquered , where to next ?



Any words to inspire the young generation to start travelling?

Work hard , travel harder . By looking at someone’s travel picture already trigger someone to travel . Like how beautiful the place is , the might want to experience it themselves .

What’s your advice for traveler to encourage a better travelling experience?

I would advice them to do some research before travelling . To prioritize places that a must go . Travel with someone who can follow your pace and have the same interest .

Passionate with the landscapes view. Eager to see what the world got to offer her. Catch up on her search of breathtaking views on:


2 thoughts on “The Search of Breathtaking Views

  1. A nice way to travel, sitting at my laptop looking at all the places you have been to! Thank you so much for the follow. Happy travelings 🙂

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    1. You too 😄 enjoy travelling life!

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