a beach getaway in Langkawi island | 6 things

The main island of a string of 99 tropical dots is dominated by knife-edged peaks floating in dark vegetation. Surrounded by ocean blues, this island is an undisputed tropical paradise, despite the resort build-up.

In the Southeast corner of Langkawi is Kuah, the major town and the arrival points for ferries. On the west coast are Pantai Cenang, a lively beach strip with shops and restaurants, and adjacent Pantai Tengah, which is a bit quieter and a short walk to Pantai Cenang

1. Duty Free

Langkawi is fun – the district’s been duty free since 1986, so is one of the few places in Malaysia you can drink cheaply. You’ll also see all sort of wholesome Malaysian revelry going on. Beers in the bar can go as cheap as RM7 for a Carlsberg, a pack of cigarette (RM6), and a bottle of Vodka 1L (RM30).

2. Panorama Langkawi

Experience the World Steepest Cable Car ride. A cable line of 2.2km which takes 15mins to reach the top station at Mount Mat Cincang peak. (709m)Jpeg

JpegCable Car Fee: Sky Cab (RM55)

Langkawi Sky Bridge is a 125m curved pedestrian cable-stayed bridge that is located 660m above sea level at the peak of Mount Mat Cincang which require a short 10mins hike from top station. The steps are very steep so watch your steps when going up. However, the 360 view are amazing and the short hike was well worth it.


IMG-20170331-WA0022Entrance Fee: Sky Bridge (RM5)

3.Seven Wells Waterfall

Be prepared to walk around 300+ flight of stairs to the top of the Seven Wells. The view at the top is great. The water is cooling and it’s a perfect combination to the Langkawi heat. It’s possible to slide down the wells.

Head down the stairs and go to the bottom. Refresh yourself with the waterfall. The pools are deep enough for a jump off the rocks.IMG-20170331-WA0012

IMG-20170331-WA0016Entrance fee: Free

4.Eagle Square

Located at another town in the Southeast corner called Kuah, next to the jetty. It’s a landmark of Langkawi Island you just couldn’t miss. A perfect location to catch the sunset. Accompanied with silhouette of the giant eagle to complete your sunset, this spot is excellent for photography.IMG-20170331-WA0005Entrance fee: Free

5.Payar Island (Snorkelling trip)

A popular snorkelling and diving site famous for its corals. You will hop on a fast craft from Kuah ferry terminal to Payar Island which will take approximately 45 minutes. Approach the tour package along Pantai Cenang and remember to bargain to the best price.Jpeg



JpegTour Fee: RM160 (day trip + lunch included)

6.Parasailing (Pantai Tengah)

One of the water sports you cannot miss while you in Langkawi. Experience the adrenaline rush and the 360 view of Langkawi island on air!IMG-20170402-WA0008Tour Fee: RM 65


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