6 hidden gems in Western Thailand

Western Thailand is not one of the popular spots in Thailand. However, if you want a getaway from tourist and head to somewhere peaceful or more chilled, consider Western Thailand as an option. Check out this underrated province got to offer you!

1) Death Railway aka Burma Railway (Kanchanaburi)

Forced labour was used in its construction more than 180,000 prisoners of war and civilian labourers worked on the railway. It was a 415km railway between Ban Pong, Thailand and Thanbyuzayat, Burma built by the Empire of Japan in 1943 to support its forces in the Burma Campaign of World War II. Disease was the foremost cause of death. Almost all prisoners fell ill as a result of excessive work, malnutrition and the refusal of the Japanese to provide sufficient medical supplies.

Such a real experience of life. It brought me to my deepest thought about the War and the suffering that these men went through. The train operating was over 100 years old, and the view of the Thai countryside was breath taking. This is a real journey of life. Its emotional but interesting experience with very mixed emotions. I glad I didn’t give this a miss.Kanchanaburi


2) Saphan  Mon (Sangkhlaburi)

It’s a 400m wooden Bridge and the longest handmade bridge wooden bridge in Thailand. Be careful of your footing when crossing the bridge and enjoy the scenery around you which was once a village and now a lake. Don’t forget to catch the sunset as well.Kanchanaburi


3) Sunken Temple (Sangkhlaburi)

In 1980’s the Thai Authorities build a dam to create a large reservoir of water, now called Vajiralongkorn Lake. Today, the only thing that is still visible is Wat Samprasob temple. Towards the end of dry season when water level decreases, visitors can walk around the ruins of the temple. There are plenty of temples in Thailand but I find it unique and something I’ve never seen before.Kanchanaburi


4) Krong Krawia Waterfall (Sangkhlaburi)

Not one of the amazing waterfall in Thailand but it’s good enough to refresh yourself especially enduring the hot scorching sun in Western Thailand.Kanchanaburi


5) Pompee View Point (Kanchanaburi)

A basecamp before ascending the highest point in Kanchanaburi. Very clean, peaceful place. You have freedom to build your tent anywhere as you want. There are a few toilets around and they are clean and comfortable. The sunset view from here is terrific. You can jump off into the lake too! And when night falls, just laydown look up the sky and you’ll be amazed with the beauty of the stars.Kanchanaburi



6) Sanknokwua (Kanchanaburi)

The ultimate mission in Kanchanaburi and a must to do for mountain lovers. Located in Khao Laem National Park lies this highest peak in Kanchanaburi. Standing at 1,767 meters above mean sea level. A 9km hike up the mountain with amazing views all around. The dirt track was very steep so expect to fall. Full gloves or Hiking stick would help you a lot. The hike took half a day to reach the summit. Prepare food, cold wear when you are at the summit cause when night falls the temperature can be as cold as 10 degrees. You must spend a night at the summit before returning back the next morning.Kanchanaburi






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