16 things only backpackers do

There are things that backpackers do which others probably don’t. It’s either they are developing bad habits or skills through all those backpacking trips. Here are some facts which some backpackers won’t actually admit.

1) When they got to window seat, they usually capture an airplane wing shot1

2) Hunting for the cheapest dorm in town in a good location, don’t really care if breakfast is provided and will get frustrated if can’t find any.Jpeg

3) They have those baggy elephant-print pants.1arqeeooea.jpg

4) They used the 3 most common questions to every other backpacker they met;

         “Where are you from?”

         “Where have you been?”

        “How long have you been travelling?”

5) Choosing the cheapest mode of transportation even though it’s time consuming.Jpeg

6) Bargain well

7) Mastered the art of packing

8) Making the effort to communicate despite language barrier (using translator apps etc.)

9) Loves outdoor activitiesMui Ne

10) Don’t actually have a proper plan or itinerary

11) There are still Plane, Bus, Train tickets or brochure that they still keep

12) Always find the cheapest deal from accommodation to a bottle of water

13) From the experiences, they have plenty of stories in every destination or theirs

14) They like go to the less visited areas where it’s not touristy but they will never actually admit the beauty of the touristy places.

15) They like to do it extreme and crazy, like hiking up the highest/dangerous mountain, bungy, solo long term travel etc.Chiang Mai

16) They  will spend some time on reading articles from lonely planet, travel guides or TripAdvisor reviews


2 thoughts on “16 things only backpackers do

  1. this post is soon accurate!

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  2. This is 100% accurate! I’ve done literally every single one of these! Thanks for sharing!

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