Managing culture shock | 5 ways

Flying over to a foreign land? Especially when the living condition is unlike your hometown or worst? It is normal to feel uncomfortable and this can be managed overtime. Here are some ways to ease the process of this common travel sydrome, “Culture Shock” .


What is Culture Shock?

  • It’s the effect of being cut off from a familiar culture
  • Experiencing a different and unusual environment
  • Acclimatising to new and strange surroundings

The adjustment period could cause stress, frustration, confusion and worst depression.


5 WAYS ; 

  1. LEARNING as much as you can about the culture in the country. Know what you getting to or better still learn basic the language. It helps you get some idea of what you will encounter when you are there. It’s good to know the etiquette of the country to prepare yourself for some difference before you go.Luang Prabang


  1. BUILDING NETWORKS  as soon you arrive. The most important thing for survival another culture, especially if the person became close and a trusted friend. Key thing is to just talk to people. Making friends with the locals would definitely help as it’s like having a local culture dictionary where you could clear your doubts. The is vital for you sanity’s survival.Kampot

  1. FOCUS ON THE POSITIVES aspect of a new culture. Explore the landscape around. Try to see things from a local point of view. Put your worldwide view away and understand where they are coming from. Step out of your comfort zone, learn new things or skills from the locals. These will eventually ease the process of adaptation.Cebu


  1. Give yourself TIME to adapt. Don’t rush or trying too much to fit into the country. Understand the culture by reasoning. By knowing the facts and how it works, you will be able to “blend” in with ease.


  1. JOURNALLING; There’s no better place to get it on a book that no one else sees it. It will help you look back on what you did, spent or learn and how far you’ve come. Each day in the country is a progression of learning and adapting. It good to keep a journal to record moments that you might end up forgetting it. With pieces of information and experience, share it with others. No matter how much you know, it’s best to keep a cool head.Ayutthaya

Don’t let culture shock stop you from backpacking.

Backpacking is not all about travel. It’s a challenge, an introduction to new culture, an emotional roller-coaster. Hence the experience it worth it. Once you are back home, you’ll forget all the things that irritates you and treasure the memories with the friends made.

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