The bad side of travelling | 5 things

Travelling is the best thing to do. It switches off your brain. It also decreases brain activity which is responsible for psychological illness. However, there are also side effects when your travel too much. When you decides to overdo it, there are some negative effects that might hit you back.

Never feel home again

As you travel, you will slowly turned into a different person like consuming local food and sleeping alone in your own room in a comfy bed may somehow seems strange. Normal conversation will bore you over time. The fact that everything at home is still the same but you have been irrevocably changed.


Comparing everything to travelling

You will compare the MRT to the subways in other countries, eating Thai food in Singapore compared in Thailand and the activities other countries could offer you compared to Singapore. You will somehow feel depressed surrounded by the familiar mundane culture, buildings and streets.Ayutthaya

 Your family and friends might hate you

It’s just most of the people around cannot relate to you. Simply because of you keep talking about your times abroad. You turned into that annoying person who relates everything to your travels. At a point, you will realise that you have less in common with people around you.Tioman

Escape is the solution

When you are facing tough times or problem back home, at the first thought, you would book a flight and get out from here. Yes, I agree that travelling calms your mind making you emotionally stable in a short period of time but how long will use this to escape? Sooner or later, you will have to face reality and get through it.Tioman

Reality hits you, it hits you hard

You live a happy life of a traveller. Travelling abroad, living the life. When you are back home, you are back to reality back to your normal routines. Without you realising, you will tend to lose your control towards your emotions and that’s the weakest link when reality hits you, it hits you real hard and bring you down.Singapore

“After all, as travellers, they should deserve a chance at a normal life, a balance between both.”

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  1. I completely agree with this!


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