Reasons every Singaporean parents should encourage their child to travel

Some Singaporean parents aren’t willing to let their child go away with freedom at an early age due to security issues and etc.  But how long can parents hold on? This rigid parental mind-set have to go away. Living in this modern world there are so many ways to keep connected, why stopping them when it is for their own personal development?

It’s time to let them be fiercely independent

Living in a first world country, life is good here I would say. Everything is accessible here. Some started working part-time at an early age to support their needs and also to be independent. Encourage them to take another step of independence. Living abroad without any aids from parents. After all, one fine day when they settle down, they might not live under the same roof together. Learning to be fiercely independent is vital for the future.

Phnom Penh

Let them experience living in another country appreciating what they have back home

It doesn’t matter travelling to whichever country. Moments can be fun and memorable during the travels but however, they would definitely have something amiss back home. Something which is part of their daily routine like people, lifestyle etc. After some time abroad, they would return home starting to appreciate their current life. Once they start appreciating life, that’s when they realise how much they truly have to live for.


Let them have a break to this fast-paced life

The life of student can be very mundane. Exams after exams, lessons after lessons and when assignments comes by, life would be stressful for them. Learning new things day by day. As a student, it can be too much to absorb all the information. Living in this fast-paced and competitive generation, they deserve a break to let lose themselves. Get away from home, relax and enjoy a layback life that they deserved.


Let them gain new learning experiences on their trip

Living back home doesn’t get them much exposure to people. Also, lack of adventures and challenges to put themselves to a test. During trips abroad, they would start to make new friends from around the world and eventually their people skills will improve. Definitely plenty of experiences to learn during travels like budgeting, finding shelter and most importantly their critical thinking to solves issues they encountered abroad.

Luang Prabang

Let them pick up the skill of budgeting

A major problem living in the first world, Money. Picking up the skills of budgeting aids their financials. A skill that they will use throughout their whole life. It’s good to start basic like splitting the budget throughout the duration of the travels. They also have to discipline themselves to follow the budget line or else they will struggle later on during their travels.


Let them think and make their own decision

It’s time for them to make their own decision. Not all the time they will get advices or guides so, let them have their own decision-making. They will have to start thinking about solving difficult situation that they encounter so they will start to realise that they are the best person to count on. Definitely travelling will build up their mentality progressively and maybe with this space of time, who knows they would somehow have an idea of their future plans.



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