7 tips on attempting a hitch-hike

Travel by getting free lifts in passing vehicles! Trying to get started? Here are some tips I came out with during my hitch-hiking experiences in Southeast Asia.

1.No Money involved

The culture of hitch-hiking is getiing a free ride that drops you off at some point.Therefore, you have to make it clear that you can’t afford to pay anything before hopping into the vehicle.

2. Get away from the busy traffics

You will never get rides if you are in the middle of a busy traffic or worst, highways. Take some time picking the right spots with lesser traffic or sufficient cars that passes by you to increases the chances of getting a ride.Also, be in a good spot so you’re easily visible and the drivers could slow down.



3. Dress cleanly

This is one of the major factor to attract rides. Dress in bright colors so the driver could notice you. Dressing up plays a part and increases your chances of getting a ride. Not many would want to offer a ride if you do not dress cleanly.

Hat Yai, Thailand

4. Carry as less as possible

Just a daypack would be perfect to start hitch-hiking. Hide your electronics devices or preferably do not use them at the moment. Secure all your money and your passport. Carrying as less would be convenient as you would reduce the possiblity of leaving your belongings behind after the ride or even flee  easily when something goes wrong.



Getting the perfect ride takes time. You need to be very patient about it.  It might take a long time to get the perfect ride, all you need is to patiently wait.You must be patient when people act nastily.Always smile and stay happy.



6.Thumbs up/ Hands waving rule

use hand signals by waving or thumbs upif you see any vehicle that passes by.Use common sense when choosing the right vehicle to stop.Seek a ride from them politely and be sure of where you will be dropping off.



7. Go with your guts

Hitch-hiking is not guranteed a safe practice of travelling.You might get in the wrong ride that might cost a loss of your valuables or even life. Decline the ride when you feel it is not safe. When you manage to get a perfect ride, it would be a meaningful experience to bring home to talk about and you will wonder how you managed to do that.




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