A solo adventure in Burma

Meet the backpacker that document her travels on films. Read up on her adventures, look through at the amazing photos, catch up on her cool videos and get to know the travelling life.

Tell me about yourself

A 25-year old who is always thirsty for adventure and is passionate about documenting her exploits on film.


Why did you choose to travel solo?

Frankly, it just happened.

I had plans with a travel buddy but he backed out at the last minute. So I only had a week to prepare myself. It was a little scary but it turns out that what everyone had told me was true: “Oh, you’ll be fine! Traveling solo will be so much fun! It will leave you thirsty for more!” And now I can say that travelling solo is one of the best things that I’ve ever done.


Why Myanmar as your destination?

I’ve always wanted to backpack to Myanmar and coincidentally, Silkair was keen on another collaboration so that got the ball rolling.



What does Myanmar have to offer that attracts you to head there?

Myanmar is known for their beautiful pagodas and stupas, as well as their rich history and culture. I was also interested in going to Myanmar in this specific time because I wanted to experience Myanmar during the election period and capture that atmosphere in my film.




What do you enjoy most during your trips?

I’m a sucker for long bus/boat/train rides. The scenery along the way can be quite therapeutic. I always wind down the windows, plug in and let my thoughts run.

As a video editor, a big reason for travelling is to film my adventures. I love to capture the beauty of a certain place, and its people. For this reason, I also love to hang out with locals, and discovering how they live their lives. I like to be connected to both the place I’m in and with its people.


Travelling also allows me to discover myself. I often find myself going out of my comfort zone and it is then, that I discover other sides of my personality, that I wasn’t aware of before.


Name a moment when you faced difficulties during your trip

One that stood out was getting lost in Bagan. My driver abandoned me in the middle of nowhere on the way back from Mount Popa. I was overwhelmed! I broke down but kept on walking. Thankfully a random stranger driving a pick up truck filled with his relatives, stopped and offered to drive me back to my guesthouse. I ended up having tea at their home, because the street near my guesthouse was blocked due to a demonstration by the NLD party. So I was kind of glad that the whole episode happened because I got to hang out with the locals and make new friends.



What are the things you should do better next time round?

Perhaps to cry less! Haha. Really, I am a crybaby. Instead of crying, find solutions.


Name another key moment that you wish to highlight during your trip.

The route from Bagan to Inle was the best. The scenery was SPECTACULAR. Imagine this: Driving through the mountains with the windows down, and you’re plugged in with good music, with the the wind blowing against your face and hair. Everything felt right. I felt like all the burden on my shoulders were gone. I felt independent and free. It’s like taking a step back and looking at the world in a new perspective. It gave me some peace and strengthened me, at a time when I needed it the most.



If you have been given the opportunity to extend your stay, what will you do? Where else would you go and why?

I would definitely check out Hsipaw village. I heard that the railway route to Hsipaw is beautiful. And it’s a paradise for those who loves hiking/trekking.

What are the life lessons that you are able to pick up during on this trip?

That my first world problems are NOTHING compared to the problems of locals there. Made me appreciate home a lot more.


What are your strengths and weaknesses that you discovered during the trip?

Strength: Being able to befriend the locals and other travelers easily. I thought that I’m an awkward person but surprisingly, I was often the conversation starter. Maybe that’s because I am generally a chatty person.

Weakness: Eating alone. I still have issues with this one. It’s just… so darn awkward. Like where do I look at while chewing?! HAHA.


Planning for a trip or spontaneity? Why?

I am a planner. I believe in planning for a trip so that I roughly know what is in store. It is also because I need to roughly plan the type of video I want to make, and hence plan the type of footage to capture. But it is also important to be flexible in changing routes/activities in the itinerary, because sometimes things happen and you need to adjust and adapt.


What did you just discovered about yourself?

That I was stronger than I thought. I was at a very emotional and vulnerable state when I departed for Burma but I found my inner strength along the way. Being alone allowed me to channel that energy in other ways that allowed me to be more confident.


What are the values that you treasure that you will always take with you?

Respect. Always respect other people’s culture, religion and country. Instead of expecting them to accommodate to us, we should adapt and try to live like the locals.


Advice for females who are backpacking for the first time?

GO. Even if you hesitate a million times and your whole body is telling you not to, JUST GO.


Travelling as a female alone really hit up loads of courage to explore the land of burmese. A great solo adventure and definitely more to adventure awaits! Do catch up the her cool travel videos & travels on:


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