6 ways to encounter post-travel depression

Nothing beats the feeling to long term travel. Plenty of experience, friends and adventure. The hardest part of the trip is to return home. You are lost on what’s going on when you are away
Not much of a depression anymore, here are the some tips to ease the process of post travel depression.

1 Share your experience

Sharing your experience to someone will make you better, releasing all your thoughts during the trips. You can share to them verbally or by photos. Relieving all your experience would be surprisingly fun.

2 Spend a few days at home

It will be worst if you are heading back to work straight after your travel. Having a day at home allows time you unpack, handle bills, recover from jet lag and reflect on the great time you had.

3  Be a Tourist in your country

Discover places in your country. Even though you already know/heard of them, just go ahead and explore, take pictures etc. It’s your own country afterall, so why not? It will make you feel that you are still travelling and returning back home doesn’t mean the end.

4 Change your daily routine

Change your daily routine, instead of having the usual coffee before heading to work, try a new coffee shop or drink. The change in the usual environment will trick your brain into thinking you are still on a sort of vacation. You could slowly ease back to your usual habit but also develop new habits along the way to complement your routine.

5 Continue that culture

Travelers are usually exposed to new culture, food etc. Thats why the transition of life made an impact when you return to your normal life. Find ways to interject the culture into your normal routine like food, similar to what you enjoy during your vacation.


6 Staycation

Have a staycation with your friends nearby your hometown. You will be happy as there is something to look forward for, gather and enjoy with your friends. This would definitely give a boost to your mood and put that depression away.

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