10 life lesson during your solo travels

Travelling life is great. It teaches you in depth about life. You will experience these life lesson that will make an impact in your life. A lesson that you will learn only if you start traveling.

1 Appreciation
We do complain despite having whatever we have back home and the life struggle we had, but once you see the world on the other side, looking at how the local lead their poor life without much complain (especially third world countries), you will get a sense on how lucky you are.

2 Not to Stress Over A Small Matter
You might made a slight mistake during your travel and you are really stressed out about it. Remember you are in the middle of your journey, you just couldn’t stop there, continue the journey and put all those matter behind.


3 Communicate Without Words
This is always a problem if you traveling, language barrier. It can be annoying to convey a message without word. You will learn and get used in using a useful tool called the body/sign language.

4 You Learn It is Okay to be Alone
Forever alone isn’t that bad afterall. You have always been around with plenty of people back home so when are you going to listen to only yourself?


5 The Importance of Worldwide Friends
You will learn that having worldwide friends would comes in handy for advices in life, travel tips or even offered a couch to crash on when you head to their country. You will sometimes get the best advices that other local couldn’t even provide you with or better, inspire you to create a better life.

6 Money Management
Your travels would be ruined if you are running out of budget. You will have to manage your budget well for example by setting daily budget and spend the excess on your last couple of days during your travel.

7 Cherish Small Moments
What if you are rewarded with a $5,000 bag? Happy, but do you cherish that for the rest of your life? Probably not. Small moments can be like watching a beautiful sunset across the other side of the world without any value to it. The bag wont last forever, but memories do. That memory can be even so stupid that you will talk about throughout your life.

8 Learning Who You Are
Discovering yourself that you didn’t think you really are. This is something interesting to look at as some of the values you found out, or developed in yourself could eventually applied in life situations.

9 Go with your Gut
With nobody to guide or advice you. You only have yourself. What do you have in yourself is your gut. You will trust your gut more than anything else during your travels to make decisions. Even if you made a mistake, you intuition will improves after time.

walking late night

10 The Only Person in the World You Should Truly Count on is Yourself
You will learn not to rely on others that much to seek help. No matter how hard the situation is, with determination, you can set things right by yourself.About Me

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