Phuket Adventure

Another short, nothing fancy trip. A trip attempting the jump in Thailand and finally getthing the adrenaline rush experience. 



For accommodation in Phuket, I’ve chosen ASHLEE Height Patong. I get it for a good deal at that time which I only paid for S$50 per night for a deluxe room plus, its a 4-star hotel. The facilities are great here, spacious with a rooftop pool and I feel very comfortable here.


Patong Beach is a quiet beach. Jet ski and parasailing are offered as a sports here. Just be extra careful when dealing.



Kok Chang Safari, a place for elephant trekking and a chance to feed the elephants with pineapples and watch them having a bath. They can be lazy but what turns out to be is animal abuse whereby their ears are hooked and pulled so that the elephant would move, sad. #ridebikesnotelephants

Phuket ATV park, take control of an ATV and do whatever stuns you wished to at the ATV park. You could do a wheely, ride as fast as you can and anything else. From the ATV park, you can catch a glimpse of the Big Buddha on the peak of mount Nagakerd.

World Bungy Patong, This is the key reason that I came to Phuket. Standing at 60m above the ground approximately 30 storey building, the highest in Thailand. Get ready for a lifetime adrenaline rush experience and it will be something you will be talking about once you get back home. Nevermind for the rope-burn due to friction of rope against my arm as long as the experience was phenomenal.

Night Life

Instead of heading to Bangla Road, I’ve chosen Reggae Bar, as a fan of reggae music, every night is a reggae night here. With reggae bars along the up-slope of the hill. It is very quiet place and relaxing listening to Bob Marley classics, following the good vibes.





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