6 challenges of a backpacker

Backpacking life is great however there are some challenges that you might not know every backpacker face during most of their trip.Get to know the real backpacking life.

1 Living On A Strict Budget

It can be very hard to squeeze basic needs such as accommodation, food, transportation into your tight budget. Think carefully to priorities your needs rather than your wants first.


2 Dealing with Dorms

Dorms can be a best place to socialize with other travelers but sometimes not all travelers are cooperative. Some might disturb peaceful sleeps making loud bangs or sound. Some dorm can be uncomfortable like toilet, untidy dorms and even mosquitos.


3 Dealing with Language Barrier

Locals that don’t speak English and they just can’t understand a single thing but eager to help or worst ignore. It can be really annoying to seek information or help.


4 Living Out of a Backpack

Surviving with everything on a single backpack. Whatever that is in the bagpack, is how much one can utilize throughout the whole journey.

Checked Bag

5 Being Separated with Family & Friends

Homesick or nobody for help (unless with a traveling partner), On your own, family and friends only could help/advice through the phone but you have to take actions yourself.

6 Dealing with the Unexpected

Unknown problems that could appear during travelling. Unprepared or not, think smart & fast and react appropriately.


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