10 reason why you should travel alone

During the start of my solo travelling, my friends and relatives questioned me on why I travel alone, they think i’m weird but there are a whole bunch of reason to travel alone and if you look at the brighter side, it gives you a sense of great satisfaction when you travel alone.These reasons would motivate you to start packing your bags and start solo traveling.

1 Difficulties finding a committed travel partner
The desire to travel but you failed to find a committed travel partner which is holding you back from travelling.You and your friend might had already planned for the upcoming trip, but it is called-off the last minute due to financial and etc. and you will definitely be the most disappointed person as the trip that you are looking forward didn’t came.

Remember that the desire to travel will not happen if you wait too long or trying too hard to find a committed travel partner.

2 Difficulties finding common free time between friends
You are about to be free (either school holidays or taking annual leaves), yet you are unable to find common free time with your bestfriends who are still on schooling days/ blocked leave. Hence, making it difficult to commit your time to them as this free time is the only opportunity for you to travel.


3 The flexibility to switch between a low to high budget trips
You can choose to spend small, spend big. Anything as you wish. No restriction if you want to stay in a cheapo hostel or luxury 5-star hotel or even resort.You can easily do couchsurfing or hitch-hiking alone when on low budget. You can switch between them anytime you want. You can also shop as much as you want or just stroll around town buying just souvenirs or nothing at all. You can have just street foods throughout your whole trip or fine-dining once in a while or instant noodles.Best thing is, you do not have to worry about anyone else budget or pissed anyone with your actions. You will find out that it is okay to be selfish at times. You will also discover your great ability to adjust your budget accordingly.



4 Eliminates the possibility of rigid planning
There is no need to plan anything when you are alone. Make spontaneous plans and i’ll promise it will be an exciting and hardly you could ever forget. You don’t have to wake up asking your friend what’s the plan today. You can sleep as long as you want, without your friend annoyingly wake you up or you can even wake up as early as you want to catch the sunrise or explore around the town.Again, you have nobody to offend. 

5 Flexibility to hunt for the low season, snatching the cheapest flight deals
You just found a cheapest flight or some good flight deals but none of your friends are free. Don’t worry just grab it. You might have the opportunity to fly with the top 10 airlines like (Qatar, Cathay Pacific, Etihad, Garuda Indonesia and etc.) for the best deals and these comes once in a while.You can buy plane tickets as early as you want or even in the last min like tomorrow’s flight which i once did.



6 Meeting new people and building International connections
If you travel with pairs, there is less opportunity to talk with other travelers cause you will most spend time talking to is with your partner. Your partner might be uncomfortable with you talking to other travelers or even hang out with them. Traveling solo opens the gap for opportunities to meet and hang out with other travelers across the globe. They can be in groups, pairs or alone and if they don’t mind for you to tag along for dinner or etc., that would definitely wrapped up your day. Preferably, solo travelers are more approachable. You/They might want to keep in touch with each other for future trips or advice/tips that might come in handy.

SoloBackpacking Sarawak

7 Learning process to be fiercely independent
Living in a first world country, most of the people in my country are considered lucky to be here. We get most of the convenience in life we want.We still have our basic physiological and safety needs unlike the third world countries.Working and supporting yourself is considered independent but living your own life abroad without your family and friends with just a backpack is another level of independence. Through the struggles you had on your trip, You will find out that you are more than capable to handle things on your own.

Hat Yai, Thailand

8 Getaway from this fast-paced country
Everything is growing fast in my country. Being abroad away for a year or 2 and when you return home, plenty will change.As Singapore remains the world’s most expensive city, many would spend long hours at work, increasing the level of productivity to cater to this fast-paced developed country. You wouldn’t want to be stuck here for the rest of your life focusing only on making money.You will definitely need to loose yourself from this busy city and head to somewhere laid back.


9 Discover who you really are
You may never know what is really your strength and weaknesses until the day you decided to travel alone. You might even learn some priceless values for personal development during your solo travels. Your people skills will definitely improve, you become more courageous and curious to discover the cultures, places and etc.

walking late night

10 The Ultimate Freedom
The thing that everyone wants, “freedom“, but what exactly freedom means? It is the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants.Some says that the secret of happiness is freedom, but the secret of freedom is actually courage. The key of ultimate freedom is being yourself. Just remember you have nothing to loose if you are flying alone, because often the one who fly solo has the strongest wings.



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