5 common mistakes from a backpack novice

I’ve experience one of these mistakes when I stepped into the life of backpacking. As a result, i learnt from it and became better as I progress into backpacking. Get to know what there are for a heads up.

1. Over-Packing
Take half the stuff you need and twice the money.

Doubling up your hard-earned money is tough, however what’s next best to do is to travel light. Cut down those unnecessary stuffs like clothing etc. and for the essentials, you can always buy them along the way.

Carrying a huge and bulky backpack is inconvenient and it could be more worst when you are stressing ways to cram loads of things each time you move from a place to another

Alternatively, you should learn new efficient ways of packing. Ultilize every space you have in your bagpack for a better travel.



2. Spending too much on gadgets,

Some might just spent a huge sum of money when preparing for their first backpacking trip. They will be wandering around travel & outdoor shops eyeing on an overpriced / branded backpacks, fancy fold up toiletries and other pricey things.

Just get sufficient basic needs to cover the amount of days you going to be backpacking. Best to be simple and cheap because those redundant stuffs that you eventually might not use could pay for some amazing activity or add a few extra days onto your trip.


3. Planning Way Too Early

With travelling information available on most of the media, you would have more than sufficient resources to plan your trip.

As you are counting down your departure date you will be tempted to plan as much as possible in advance.

Basic needs would be shelter, a hostel for the first few nights would be a great idea for you to settle down into a city. Booking trips/tours, one after another, 1-2 months before your trip is not a good idea.

You’ll meet people along your journey who will recommend some amazing places that you’d never heard of and your plans are sure to change. That’s why i DO NOT plan anything on what do. Be spontaneous, that is what adventure is!

4. The Wrong Travel Partner

Afraid to travel alone? Plan B is to find a travel partner, however if you rush into this decision out of fear being alone, ot can eventually do some serious damage to tour trip and worst friendship.

Travelling with a partner can be difficult at times when you don’t share the same mindset. So, take your time and choose someone compatible.

Even worse, if you beg a to an unwilling friend to join you and decide later that you rather be alone, there’s is no way out, ditching them isn’t an option.



5. Expecting Too Much

Trying to squeeze 3 countries into a week trip is crazy. Being too ambitious about how much ground you can cover is a bad idea. If you rush to cover as much as possible that defeats the purpose of backpacking.

If you’re backpacking alone you will need to time management between your destination and etc. including the chances of wandering in the wrong direction for hours on end.

If you move from place to place with a short gap of days, it will feel as though all of your time is spent on public transport. C’mon, you are on a backpacking trip not to feel like one massive commute.

Take your time, follow the flow and afterall, you enjoy your trip, that is once in a lifetime’ experience. There will be time to cover in all those places you missed the first time around.

For those who been wanting to do backpacking alone/ with partners or groups, don’t be too rigid. Loose yourself as adventure awaits along with unforgetable experience.


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