In search of waves

Instead of sharing backpackers stories, meet the guy who travels mainly in search of waves. An interview with a young local surfer as he shares stories of his personal experience on and off of the water.

Tell me about yourself

Long curly haired, adrenaline-junky, adventurous but lazy. I travel around in search of waves. It feels that time slows down during the moment of surfing


When did you started surfing? Did have any intentions to pick up surfing at the first place?

I started surfing when I was 15-16 years old. Yes, been wanting to try surfing since I was a kid as I was inspired by the cartoon called “Rocket Power”.



How did you learn to surf? By Lessons? Through Friends? Or Self-Taught?

My uncle’s friend taught me the basics of surfing and from then on, I progressed on my own with practice and also the help of YouTube videos.



What was your parent’s reactions when you first took up surfing?

They were okay with it but doesn’t hope for me to make a career out of it.

Which surfer has influenced you? In what way and why?

Rob Machado, his lifestyle is very calm, those of a down-to-earth type and most importantly he’s humble. I loved his style of surfing and he inspired me at the same time because he gets paid to just surf.


Which country have you surfed before? Where do you like to surf? Why do you enjoy surfing at that location?*

  • Malaysia
  • Australia
  • Indonesia

Batu Bolong (Bali) because of its big mellow waves which suits my level of surfing.



What goes through your mind when you’re in the middle of an epic wave?

Stoked because I caught a good wave. A great sense of satisfaction that I can ever feel in the world.

Surfing is a rare sports in Singapore, why did you still choose be active in it since Singapore doesn’t provide good waves for you to brush up your skills consistently and how did you stay motivated at the same time?

I love the adrenaline rush. Once you get a good wave and that’s it, you are hooked. You will be eager to discover more places to surf.

A surfer doesn’t loses the motivation because once a surfer always a surfer.



Singapore Wave house is a place for flowriding. Is flowriding similar to surfing? How does it relate to each other and do you think flowboarding aids to surfing?

Not really but somehow related. Flow-riding helps with balancing but doesn’t really help in surfing completely. Doesn’t mean you can flow-ride you can surf vice versa.



Best Moment during Surfing

I caught a big wave and I did a bottom turn, looked up over the wave. I surfed through my friend and it got me excited. At that point of time, it felt like time slowed down.


Scariest moment during Surfing

I was Surfing at Kedungu (Bali) the waves were like 3 metre high. Even the locals were afraid to go in. I caught one of the biggest waves, I stood up, lost my balanced and got the biggest wipe out ever. Furthermore, the waves kept pushing me downwards and can’t even pull on my leash up which led me to be in the water for 20 long seconds.


At what point did you know surfing was going to be more than just a hobby for you? What are some of the surfing lifestyle?

When I caught my first wave ever. It’s a natural feeling for me to keep on going for more.Lifestyle of a surfer is having a lay-back life, chilled, calm and friendly in nature.


If you have a free flight ticket to anywhere in the world, where would you surf? Why?

Hawaii, because of its good waves all year round.

If you have the opportunity to coordinate with a surfing brand, which brand and why?

Quiksilver or Hurley. I’m a fan of their board-shorts and the surfers that worked under the company.


Advice for Singaporeans who are interested in surfing but never had the opportunity

Head straight to Bali, easier to learn, cheaper. You can’t fight the waves but you can learn to surf.

Its hard to see a Singaporean taking surfing as a passion. What a story from a local surfer. Wishing him luck for his upcoming surfing adventure that awaits. Do catch up with him on his adrenaline madness on :

Here a short video of his adventure!

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