4 misconceptions about backpackers

What are the things that came across your mind when you heard the word “Backpacker”? or your friends telling you that he/she is backpacking? Here are the common misconceptions made.

1. People thinks that you are definitely a student

Most of the time, the first question i received after telling people that I’m a backpacker is ” Are you a student?” This applies when I was travelling meeting the locals and other tourist. Its seems people thinks that backpacking are only for there young and adventurous. However, i find this quite inaccurate as I’ve met plenty of backpackers around the world with different backgrounds. Their age ranges from early 20s – 40s and 60% are not students.

Student Backpacker

2. Your friends thinks you are a cash cow

When you tell your friends that you are travelling again soon and they will be like “You must be Rich!” but honestly, we are just normal working human beings just like you. The only thing we do slightly better is to save up, spending on needs and less on wants. It doesn’t matter much they saving is as long that it is sufficient for the next travel and return home without breaking the piggy bank.



3. Others might think you are cheapo traveler

For those would stay in a 4-5 star hotel, dine in a fancy restaurant aiming for a luxury travels which we can’t afford due to our tight budget.They might be uncomfortable with us being indecisive or even stingy at situations due to our budget constraints and we always find the cheapest options for EVERYTHING from accommodations to transport to food. We are very price conscious.



4.No future for backpacking too much

Many thought backpacking has no future especially for long term as it will ruin your career. Backpacking is a nice thing to do, exploring other side of the world, building connections with people around the world. By doing so, you might be settling down in a certain country to work with them or even better seizing up opportunity to start up a business / organisation that you never intend to do.



Backpackers have a plenty of goals when they travel. They are ambitious and most will go far to reach their goals. These misconception have to be clear in mind to encourage better travels and achieving their goals as they will feel a great satisfaction on their accomplishment.

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