10 things for a short getaway in Penang

You just got to love penang, a perfect destination for a short getaway. Get to know why.

1. A Classic Ride
The most cheapest ferry ride I’ve taken for RM1.20 / SGD0.40. A journey of 45 minutes from Butterworth Jetty to Penang.
Even cars can fit into the ferry. Its a classic feel that brings you back to the past. Enjoy the scenery around the ferry while it takes you Penang.

2. Nice hostel all around
Hostel in Penang have been consistent in terms of concept. Penang is the home of arts and therefore most hostel emphasizes on this. It’s really a nice place to stay at these type of hostel and you will later know why.
Some honourable mentions would be:

Reggae Mansion (Georgetown)

Old Penang Guesthouse (Georgetown)

Roomies Penang (Batu Ferringhi)

3. Home of Street Arts
In Georgetown, there are plenty of street arts around and each of them are unique. There will even be tourist queuing for a picture with the street arts. The most popular street arts would be “Little Children on a Bicycle” in Armenian Street, by Lithuanian Artist Ernest Zacharevic. A street arts with a combination of a bicycle attached to the wall making it into life.For those who love street arts and photography, explore Georgetown street arts!

4. Going up Penang Hill
Reaching the top might cost you some money and it can be done by taking the Penang Hill Railway. It takes only 10 minutes to reach the top of the hill.
There are much more to see than just an aerial landscape view of Penang. There is also the first owl museum in Malaysia and it’s pinned in the Malaysia book of records for the first of its kind. You could also checkout the love locks and contribute to it too.

5. Explore the biggest temple in Southeast Asia
Kek Lok Si temple is a definite place to visit. You have to go through a maze of souvenir stalls to get you to the entrance of the temple. At the entrance, there is a pond of turtle which signifies longevity, strength and endurance. When you heading straight to the temple a row of beggars will be there.It’s a really huge temple and to explore all areas will take you quite some time.

6. Air Itam Dam 

More popular to the locals for morning or evening exercises. Located behind the sacred Kek Lok Si temple, a 30 minutes walk up hill. It is quite tiring to go up by foot , a vehicle is recommended. Its a windy and there are good views around.

7. Long Beach Batu Ferringhi

Walk the long stretch down the beach of calm waves. The activities offered at the beach are parasailing, jetski and horse-riding (best done during sunset). The activities tend to be costly as RM50 for an half hour (horse-riding) or you can just enjoy the sunset along the beach for free! Walk further down the beach and you will discover a top spot to fill up your belly. Long Beach Food Court offers plenty variety of food from the Malays,Chinese and Indians. From Seafood to Satay to Ice-Waffles and many more!

8. Trekking

Penang National Park, Teluk Bahang a perfect place to do trekking and it is suitable for all level of trekkers. Get yourself registered before the start of trek. You will receive a trail map which consist of 2 main trails which is Pantai Kerachut (Turtle Beach) and Teluk Duyung (Monkey Beach). The longer trail would be Turtle Beach (2hrs) and Monkey Beach (1hr). The trek cab be challenging during the wet weather as trails get very slippery. A proper footwear, dry bags and sufficient water are highly recommended. It’s advisable to pay for a boat earlier before you start the trek to bring to back at the entrance because it will cost more at the beaches itself.They charge around RM50-RM100 per boat so get people around and take the boat back with you! If you have plenty of energy left or time, you could just cut down the cost and trek back down.

9. Fantastic Food

Penang food is the best of all. Their originality of food is something that you don’t want to miss.

Here’s are the food that you shouldn’t be missing out when you come to Penang

  • Muar Chee
  • TeoChew Chendol
  • Nasi Kandar
  • Ice Ball

And other Chinese signatures that I missed out on like (Laksa, Rojak and Char Kway Teow).

10. Great Cafes

For cafe-lovers in Singapore, Plenty of unique concept cafe are scattered around Georgetown. A perfect place for cafe hopping and you might need a whole day to explore all.

Some Hourable mentions would be:

  • The Table Penang
  • The Wheeler’s Coffee
  • The Mugshot


2 thoughts on “10 things for a short getaway in Penang

  1. Ahhh I can’t wait. Just recently added this to my list and I think this is where my next solo travel is gonna be!


    1. Yeah, its a great place to solo backpack without any worries. 😉


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