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Meet the nature backpacker who loves to challenge herself physically and mentally. Follow up on her adventure during her trip to Laos as she discovers life in the nature.

Tell me about yourself

I would say I’m quite adventurous when it comes to traveling. I’d like to be everywhere, in the jungle / mountains / caves / beaches (though Im not so much of a beach person) / cities. Basically wherever new. And try things that would challenge me physically or mentally, just for the sense of accomplishment at the end of it all.



When did you started to travel and who motivated you?

My first ever travel experience without family was about 2 years ago, when I turned 21. I got a return flight ticket to Bali as a birthday present from a very close friend. I wouldn’t say it was a motivation, but somewhat an exposure or kick start to see what the world can offer. I went on that trip with no prior traveling experience at all, so I basically just followed whatever my friends did and what they wanted to do. It was great as a first experience, but I figured that I want so much more than that.


Your biggest weakness during travelling?

Language barrier I suppose? Still the whole point of travelling, but it would be great to be able to communicate in different languages so that I can be understood better. But too bad, my memory was good enough for basic common words hahaha


You have travel to a number of place, why Laos? And what makes Laos different from any other country in ASEAN?

The Laos trip happened mainly because of the treetop adventure that Ive been wanting to do. And since I haven’t come across other countries / places that actually offered that kind of adventure (of course there are), so I thought why not?



How does this trip develop you as a person?

I can safely say that I managed to overcome my fear of heights to a certain extent, due to the high element obstacle courses that I did throughout that 3 days of being in the jungle. And to keep pushing myself during the arduous trek cause it was by far the toughest and physically + mentally challenging treks I have ever done. Also, I learnt to deal with hiccups throughout the trip as it wasn’t a smooth-sailing one despite having almost everything planned. But I guess that’s the whole point of traveling? Managing all the uncertainties and unforeseen circumstances along the way.




Best Moment during the trip

There were quite a few memorable ones (my favorite trip for sure) so I don’t really have a specific best moment. But if I had to choose, then it has got to be an unplanned hitch hike after crossing the Thai-Laos border. Based on past experiences, I would expect taxis / having people coming up to us and ask if we need a ride to wherever. So it was quite a surprise that there wasn’t any at all. So one of the girl went up to a local man and asked if he could send is to Champasak by his lorry. Which he surprisingly nodded, and when I asked how much would that be, he just shook his head.

So a free an hour ride + the opportunity to marvel the sky throughout the journey because the sun was setting, and enjoying the wind. I would say it’s an unforgettable experience because it was one of the moments where I felt so carefree and really at bliss, and so thankful that I was able to experience the simplest pleasure in life.




Worst moment during the trip

I wouldn’t call it a worst moment, but the long train ride getting from Bangkok to Ubon Ratchathani was very tedious. It was an 8 hours journey if Im not mistaken. And when we reached Bangkok to get the train tickets, there was only the hard seat + fan left. So imagine sitting down throughout the journey, waking up every now and then because it was either too stuffy or too cold. One of the guy actually decided to sleep on the floor, underneath the seats just because he saw a local doing that and it seems comfortable that way haha! Then again, I have always loved train rides so there’s nothing to complain about. But maybe, it could’ve been better if we got the sleeper ones instead. It was a steal that the price of the tickets was mad cheap, so all is good!




If you had a chance to visit Laos again, which part? What will you do there? And why?

I would go to wherever, and do whatever because that’s what traveling is about? I mean I haven’t really look up on Laos for now, but Im pretty sure the country would surprise me, just like how it has always been when it comes to wherever else.

What are the risk you have taken during the trip? Which came out the best and which came out worst?

If this can be considered as a risk, then it would be traveling with strangers. I decided to embark on this adventure with people I really don’t know in real life, but from Instagram. So it was a random thing but same adventures in mind, so why not? It’s a risk because the people you travel with can either make the trip a good one or spoil everything, with people having their own characteristics and personalities. So yeah, thankfully they were easy-going and as adventurous as I am, and of course so knowledgeable and experienced that I learnt a lot of new things from them.




How far would you explore Laos even if it doesn’t bring you anything that you expected?

Expectations will lead to disappointment, so I think it’s best to not have expectations when it comes to going to a place. And yes, I would want to go to wherever and really see for myself what’s there, even if I was told that there’s nothing much there. Afterall, seeing is believing, yes?

What are some of the values you developed during this trip?

Hmm, I would say I became more open-minded and less judgemental, after witnessing how people live their life and what they had to do daily to earn a living. And how more fortunate others are compared to some other people, so there’s always something to be thankful of, even if its littlest things.






What are you going to utilise / apply this experience on?

I would say, I’ll use my experiences to encourage people to travel more, because there’s a world out there that we should see. And hopefully people will get more motivated to just go instead of holding back so much, especially if it’s a dream that we’re talking about. I mean we all start somewhere, so yeah.


Highlight a major mistake that you made during this trip and given the opportunity to amend it, what will you do?

I don’t really have any regrets or anything that I would consider a mistake? But if it counts, then I know better now than to wear make-up before a long 8 hours train ride hahaha! My face was damn sticky and all the next day, and its not helping that my hair became very… stiff? Like medusa HAHA.


What do you want to achieve during your travels? Why do you want to do so?

I would say, to gain as much experiences as I can and watch my wildest dreams come true. Might not be possible to achieve everything, but Im pretty sure I’ll get there some day.

Advice for solo female travelers

If youre feeling it, then go for it. Yes, its gonna get disorienting and all the uncertainties might get over-whelming. But that’s the whole point. I believe if something actually scares you, but at the same time you want to do it, then the more you should. Better to try and experience the good or bad, than to have regrets of not even trying just because of fear. Afterall, if you never try then you’ll never know. And there’s always a first time to everything! (;


Always travelling around, hunting for the nature vibe. Do catch up with her other crazy & wild adventures on :

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