6 survival guides in Southeast Asia

Most Singaporean are worried about safety during travelling. They feared they might get robbed, etc. If you travel responsibly, these situations are unlikely to happen.

1. Passport

Making hard / soft copies of your passport, keeping one at home and one with you during your travels but store the copies and your passport in different parts of your bag pack. Its good to have a copy so you could report to the Singapore Embassy and have at least something to present if you lose your passport

Keeping Passport Safe

Using safe or lockers is not really 100% safe as the hotel/hostel staffs are able to reset the password and gain access to your safe.

Even though some hostel might provide you with lockers and ask you to use your own padlock, I usually do not trust the hotel/ hostel property.

What I usually do to secure my passport during my travels is hide to inside pockets of a of my clothing together with a number of a clothes in a Ziploc bag. In additional, I locked the zipper of my bag pack with a padlock.

I feel that it is safer to leave it in the hotel/ hostel rather than carrying it around as you might be careless misplacing it causing major problems.

Secure Everything

2. Money

Most are afraid of being robbed abroad and feared having insufficient money throughout the trip. There’s an solution to this to reduce loss.

Carry a travel pouch and stuffed it with sufficient money and hide in under your pants (effective). It should be accessible from there. If you were need to access money in there, do it in an area you feel safe or do it without been seen.

Keeping Money Safe

Dummy wallet also helps too. Put in your whatever card with your face in it. Together with some dummy credit cards, exposed it in the wallet and a little cash in it making it look “real” wallet. Worst case scenario, just surrender that wallet and most importantly, don’t be hero, money can’t buy your life.

They would likely take and run off if they see a couple of credit cards.Its okay to lose a little of money rather than your life as there’s a backup, your travel pouch!

Dumy Wallet

3. Snatch Theft / Pickpockets

This is common sense, if you are wearing a crossbody, it must be opposite the road. Your job is to make snatch thieves hard to get a hand of your belongings.

No Wallets in your back pocket! Pickpockets usually seized the opportunity in a crowded area especially in a crowded market making contact with you and pickpocket.
That is why it is very important to be aware of the surroundings as you might lose your self-awareness especially when you are shopping.

Pickpocket In a Crowd

4. Scams

This is hard to avoid completely as I do experience scams in my trips. Remember to always negotiate and deal before the next move as you might ended up paying more than you should.

Another reminder would be, do not accept the offer if the deal is too good to be true. I just couldn’t explain much on this.Just use common sense.

Too good to be true

5. Drugs

Drugs are everywhere in Southeast Asia. You name it, they have it, not encouraging you to try but to take note that someone might stuff an amount of drugs in your bag while you were away from hostel and etc.
Always! Repack your bag when you about to fly to prevent any trafficking charges and receive the shock of your life.

Checked Bag

6. Late Night
Walking at late night in a foreign land can be dangerous as you will be more vulnerable to crimes.This can be avoided if you plan and know where you are going so you wont roam around to places that is unsafe.Walk confidently without looking at the map and best is to join someone in your hostel for dinner or etc. Do not flash your valuables at night. Wear and carry as less as possible. Walk at a well-lit area as area without decent lighting can be the scene of incidents.

walking late night

Except Singapore, there are corruptions across Southeast Asia. Calling the police to help you out will cost you Money! They can be unreliable so it is better to travel responsibly because the only person in the world you can count on is yourself.


2 thoughts on “6 survival guides in Southeast Asia

  1. Is that the Hong Kong hostel in Saigon? Loved their capsule rooms! And great insights, btw. Southeast Asia is such an amazing place but these things are definitely crucial. Happy travels!



    1. Yeah! You too! Safe travels! 😊


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