Life as a solo female traveler

An Interview with a Singaporean female traveler sharing her experience traveling around Southeast Asia. Do read for travel inspirations, stories and tips from a local female perspective. 

Tell me about yourself

Female Backpacker from Singapore on a journey to explore the world with just a backpack. I on my travels to share it with the people I love.

Why do you intend to travel?

Learning how the local live their life, culture and history and seeing their country through their eyes rather than being a typical tourist. Eager to learn new things as well.

What are the challenges for a solo female traveler?

Security, most people are insecure on solo travelling but depends on how you project yourself as an individual, travel smart and use common sense

Best Backpacking moment?

Free ride in Cambodia Siem Reap. Approached by a local to have a ride back to the hostel (wasn’t free at first). It just took 15 minutes to change the local minds and persuasion for a free ride as I have no money with me. Agreed and sent me back to the hostel. Bought for him free drinks in return of his kindness. Offered to pay my bus ticket to Bangkok but declined. At that point only had USD 2 on hand and it was meant for breakfast.

Tips for New Solo Female Travelers?

  • Travel smart and do intensive research on first travel including possible scams
  • Stay in female dorms, don’t flash yourself and be smart, act smart.
  • Confidence is key.


Name the stressing situation faced before and how you handled them?

Fairy Stream (Mui Ne, Vietnam) a local approached me for money. I was the only foreigner at that stream that moment. Asked me for 500,000 Viet Dong (SGD 31).Didn’t let me walked away from him and forced me to hand him the money.I manipulated him by asking him questions on why he wanted money so badly. At that point of time, I couldn’t afford to give him that much of amount but instead I gave him SGD6 for his honesty and telling me more in depth about his current situation as I’m sympathize for him. I managed to prevent myself from unwanted trouble.

What do you think of the values needed for a solo female traveler to start travelling?

  • Responsibility – for your belongings, awareness of the surroundings in a foreign land
  • Respect – know the culture of the country so that you wouldn’t cross over the line
  • Self-Awareness – important to know what’s going on around you so you will know how to react appropriately in unwanted situations
  • Courage – capable of doing things alone, stand up for yourself. Making decisions independently
  • Adaptability – able to quickly adapt into a new environment due to social behavior so that you can blend in easily

What is your strength and weaknesses during travelling?

  • Strength: A strong sense of direction, good memory of places within a short span of time. Able to navigate around the town without any major difficulties
  • Weakness: Money Exchange problems, difficulty in understanding the buy/sell exchange rate and calculating the sum of the currency. Had been seeking help from other traveler on that part.

What do you like most about travelling?

Waking up in the morning knowing a new adventure awaits.

How would you describe yourself as a traveler?

Small Asian girl with a camera that talks her cam (blogging purposes) and chilling at the lobby constantly talking to the hostel receptionist for useful tips and information.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years after travelling?

Still travelling, probably in New Zealand and married to a traveler and still backpacking around the world.

Is being a backpacker an important decision in your life? Why?

Never thought that I’ll be a backpacker but all I wanted to do is to travel the world since I was young. I always thought travelling was expensive but trips are possible within a small budget.

How do you manage your day and expenses on your travels?

Setting aside accommodation, transport, food and miscellaneous. The remaining would be indulge on local cuisine / brought forward to next leg of my trip

What are your goals in travelling?

  • Collect as many moments as possible, completing the pages of my life.
  • Personal growth to be a better individual, wiser and understanding about the real world. These are the things that are limited if you’re not able travel.

What is your greatest accomplishment so far as a traveler?

  • Surviving alone in a foreign country
  • Stands out as a solo female traveler as only small amount of percentage represented in Singapore
  • Stick with a tight budget and manage to pull it off without breaking the bank.


What do you hate most about traveling?

Long travelling journey in the bus, waste of time although it’s cheap which makes me lethargic and lazier as I am stick inside the bus for a long period of time.


If you need advices starting out to travel alone as a female,  you could approach her for an informative guide and travel advices. Do catch up with her on her different media platforms!

Last words for New Travelers


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