5 things to do in Mui Ne

Why head to Mui Ne? What’s there in Mui Ne? Well, Mui Ne is definitely a place that you will rarely get in Southeast Asia. You might be surprised what Mui Ne offers you! 

1.Thap Poshanu Cham & The Prince Castle

One a hallmark of prosperous Champa kingdom that thrived in this region from around the 7th century to 1832, the Poshanu Cham Towers from the late 8th to 9th century are perched on a hilltop with views of phan thiet and the distant coastline. On site are three towers. Inside the main one is a linga and yoni monolith dedicated to Lord the fire deity Agni and the buffalo deity Nandi.

The Prince Castle is a general area consisting of a group of hills, the beach, the Cham Towers, a pagoda, a famous poet’s tomb (Nguyen Thong), and specifically the ruins of a large French estate. The hills are situated in the Phu Hai district of Phan Thiet and offer the best view of the city, rivers, mountains and beach within the valley. The temple hill is across the across the street from the city’s main cemetery (a virtual necropolis where the poet’s tomb is located.

A cool place to visit. Perfect for spending 30mins. It was my first time getting to see the necropolis and a monolith. The architectural of the towers are amazing as I felt that I’m at Bagan, Myanmar. A great place to visit when you are in Mui Ne for amazing landscape view.

2.Fishing Village

Essentially a congregation of fishing boats, the location of this floating village differs according to the season and when the winds change direction. From May to October, the wind comes from the North and the fishing boat move to avoid the waves. Here you can glimpse small basket boats bringing produce to shore from larger fishing boats harboured out at sea.

A fantastic view of the fishing village getting to see how the locals live of earning a living. The view would bring you back to the past. With plenty of small basket boats around makes this place unique and a place to visit.

3.Fairy Stream

About 18 km of North East Phan Thiet, visitors will meet an extremely romantic poetic place that is Suoi Tien (Fairy Stream). Suoi Tien is situated in a nice place, one side of Suoi Tien is white and red sand dunes intermixing together, another side are rows of shading coconut palms, lines of trees with luxuriant leaves. All of these things create a poetic and charming stream.

The water stream of Suoi Tien has the red color from the sunlight and from the red sand in the bottom of the stream. The stream has the source from the mountain side around Ham Tien about 6m high and the destination to the sea. This has made Suoi Tien become a dreamlike area.Along the stream, you can have the opportunity to contemplate imposing mountain and hill. The most beautiful scene of this place makes many people feel unforgettable and passionating.

More popular for local, but it’s fun and pleasant to walk along the stream (depend on the season, during hot season, the water can be so little). Very picturesque rock formations, especially its colors. There is a waterfall at the end and yes, you can swim there too. This is free place, so do not pay any entrance fee even if you’re required.

4. Sandboarding (Red Sand Dunes)

The Red Sand Dunes is just 20 minutes from the town centre, and the sand is really more orangey-brown than red. The gentle slopes make it easy to walk on foot (at least in comparison to the White Sand Dunes), and it is a spectacular place to be during sunset.The kids will offer you for sandboarding as an activity. These kids might scam you for the sandboarding ride, just use common sense when dealing. It should cost just 50,000VND for the board without a limit of number of slides.

The red sand dunes are great for watching the sunset. Although it’s a hype and very busy, it’s definitely worth it!

5. Quad-biking (White Sand Dunes & Lotus Lake)

The white dunes are the more impressive, the near-constant oceanic winds sculpting the sands into wonderful Sahara Esque formations. But as this is Vietnam, there’s little chance of experiencing the silence of the desert.
Quad bike rides are offered as an activity there. It is expensive (SGD25 for 30min). There is also a man-made lake (Lotus Lake) which made the view of white sand dunes something really special.

The white sand dunes are very pretty. You can walk through them. If you’ve never been to the desert, it’s a must visit! Great for photos too. Although, the quad bikes are expensive but for a lifetime moment experience, why not?


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